How to Use an Old Window in a Garden As a Focal Point


Using an item like an old window inside the garden adds an unexpected touch to the landscape and creates a focal point to your yard. Old windows provide the perfect backdrop for plants and flowers or standing alone as their own interesting decorative element. Nestle the old window inside a perennial garden to help support colorful bushes and flower blooms. Prop it against a garden wall or fence to use as art inside your landscape. Be creative and have fun decorating an old piece of history with your own interesting design.

Step 1

Remove the glass from the old window to prevent a potential hazard. Carefully remove the glass if it appears to be cracked. Always wear protective gloves and goggles when doing so.

Step 2

Nestle the window inside a vegetable garden to use as support for growing your favorite sprawling vegetables such as squash and tomatoes. Bury the window at least 5 inches into the soil for a secure fit.

Step 3

Rest the window against a bird bath or flower pot to grow creeping vines. Plant a climbing hydrangea or jasmine plant to grow around the windowsill for a vibrant addition to the garden.

Step 4

Hang the window from your favorite shade tree and next to a bird feeder to use as a focal point to the space. Watch as the birds perch on the sill when gliding by to feed.

Step 5

Add a string of decorative lights around the window to use in the garden, especially during the winter months when fewer plants are in bloom. Wrap the lights around the entire perimeter of the window to create a warm and magical glow at night.

Step 6

Use the window as a backdrop for an herb garden. Place the window in the back of the herb garden to help define the space. Use smaller herbs such as basil and chives to shoot up around the windowsill and to contrast with the bright green herbs. Add low-growing sage to the front of the window space for an unexpected addition to the garden space.

Tips and Warnings

  • Sand down any rough spots around the window to prevent cuts and scrapes.

Things You'll Need

  • Window
  • Gloves
  • Protective goggles
  • Climbing vines
  • Decorative lights
  • Herbs


  • Herb Garden Backdrop
  • Window Trellis
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