Native Plants for Urban Gardens in the Bay Area

Life in the urban San Francisco Bay Area doesn't necessarily doom one to a life without greenery. Any available outdoor space, be it a deck or even a rooftop, can be transformed into an urban garden full of the many plants that are native to the Bay Area. Of course you may not be able to plant and enjoy some of the huge native specimens, but many smaller plants will do just fine in an urban setting.

Adiantum jordanii

Commonly known as maidenhair fern, in the wild you will find adiantum jornaii growing in the woods, under oak and pine trees. Because of this, maidenhair fern do well in partial to full shade. In the summer, if you allow it to dry out, it will go dormant and even appear to be dead. Maidenhair fern is native to the City, Angel Island and the East Bay.

Triteleia laxa

The triteleia laxa has several common names, including starflower, wild hyacinth and fool's onion. This lovely perennial herb blooms with blue wild-flower-like blossoms in early summer. It is best to plant it in the winter, and grow it in full sun. This plant is drought-tolerant and the flowers are quite fragrant.

Mimulus guttatus

Commonly known as monkey flower, this annual plant blooms with lovely yellow, pansy-like flowers and readily re-seeds, so it will be back year-after-year. Native to the wetland locations in the Bay Area, it will grow well in a sunny garden, but will need lots of water.

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