How to Add Ivy to Your Geranium Pots


Ivy makes a beautiful foundation layer in pots when you plant it with other focal plants. With ivy's trailing tendrils, it will easily fill into spaces and spill over the sides of the pot for an attractive display. Combine ivy with a vivid geranium plant in a pot for a lovely combination that will thrive and bloom continuously throughout the entire growing season.

Step 1

Fill the planting container approximately halfway with potting soil.

Step 2

Remove the geranium plant from its current container and place it in the center of the new planting container.

Step 3

Remove the ivy plants from their temporary containers and position them at the sides of the planting container around the geranium plant.

Step 4

Add additional potting soil around the roots of the plants, adding enough soil so that the plants are at the same depth as they were in the other containers.

Step 5

Tamp the soil down firmly around the plants with your hands.

Step 6

Water the newly planted flowers generously until water leaks out the bottom drainage hole of the container.

Step 7

Place the container in a sunny location.

Things You'll Need

  • Planting container (10-inch diameter)
  • Potting soil
  • Geranium plant
  • 4 Ivy plants


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