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Simple and eye-catching, topiaries are the perfect way to jazz up a room in your home or create a truly magnificent focal point to your outdoor landscape. A fun and whimsical topiary can be created with a wide range of different plants like hedge or even flowers and fruit. Topiaries are a fun way to accent a festive occasion like a springtime brunch or dinner party. Topiaries can be made in so many different sizes and colors the possibilities are endless, so have fun when creating your own topiary design.


There are various types of boxwoods to use for creating a plant topiary. Dwarf boxwoods with their 1-foot-high design, can be used to create mini topiaries inside the garden space. The diamanti boxwood when shaped into topiary is perfect to use around a fireplace mantle or entrance to your home. Columnar boxwoods like the English boxwood are ideal for creating taller topiaries. With their vibrant green leaves and ability to be trimmed into different shapes, including round balls or triangular topiaries, English boxwoods create elegant and commanding topiaries. They prefer well-drained soils and afternoon shade. Make sure you water the boxwood topiary at least once or twice a week until the plant becomes fully established for a long-lasting topiary design.


With its lovely green color and soft needles, the evergreen conifer can be cut into stunning shapes for a truly artistic design. With these larger plants, you'll need a set of hedge shears to create the topiary. Their thick and hardy structure is easily shaped into interesting and unexpected designs like spirals, balls and even animal shapes. Evergreen conifers can be potted in your favorite container to flank a front door entry or garden walkway. Use them inside a perennial garden or outdoor landscape to create a stunning addition to the outdoor landscape. Make sure these stunners receive a good watering when starting out to ensure a successful establishment and lifelong addition to your space.


Rosemary, a woody perennial, can be trimmed into different shapes for a truly elegant design. Create a topiary sphere by trimming your rosemary into a ball shape or for a taller look, trim the rosemary into a pyramid design. These vibrant plants permeate the indoor and outdoor environment with their delicious smells and look especially stunning on a dining-room table as a centerpiece or on top of a fireplace mantle for a sweet smelling focal point to the space. Add a string of decorative lights to the topiary for a warm glow at night. To keep the shape, cut back the rosemary with shears. Use the fresh prunings to flavor your favorite soups and dishes.

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