How to Add Shade to a Patio


Shading the patio is the perfect way to extend your time spent outdoors, especially in the hot summer months. To shade the patio, consider the amount of space you have to work with and how much shade you desire. For small patio spaces, use large containers filled with large flowers and bushes to help add shade to the outdoor landscape. For a large patio, grow trees around the patio space to provide a lush and colorful addition to the patio all year round. Be creative when adding shade to your patio space and have fun using decorative elements and flowers to add to the overall design.

Step 1

Bring shade to the patio by using a colorful patio set with a matching outdoor umbrella. Keep the umbrella popped open to provide a cool retreat to the patio, especially during the warm summer months.

Step 2

Install a patio pergola to use for a shady patio structure. Plant vigorous growing vines like wisteria or grapevines to grow up and over the pergola roof for a retreat from the glaring sun and beautiful and lush addition to the space.

Step 3

Plant dwarf Japanese maple trees with their billowing effect around the peripheral of the patio. Vibrant and stunning, these trees cascade over the patio for a shaded retreat.

Step 4

Grow a row of evergreen cedar trees along the patio for a shady spot to enjoy and a bright green addition to the space, even in the winter months. Plant them side by side for a vibrant addition to the landscape.

Step 5

Add ficus trees in containers around the patio to help shade the space while adding a burst of green. Watch as their vibrant green leaves shade the patio area to create your own private oasis.

Things You'll Need

  • Patio umbrella
  • Pergola
  • Vines
  • Trees
  • Decorative lights


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