How to Decorate a Garden Window


A garden window's slightly protruding sill allows you to arrange your favorite flowers and plants for a decorative addition to the space. Be creative when adding small decorations to the space and create a focal point to your kitchen area. Use garden pots filled with your favorite blooms to create a mini-greenhouse in the garden window. Keep the light streaming in for your plants with a simple window treatment instead of a set of traditional curtains that cover up the open garden window. Be creative and use the window sill for your favorite items to showcase them inside your home for a decorative touch to the space.

Step 1

Add a decorative valance above the garden window to add an inviting feel to the space but without covering up the window. Use colors found in the kitchen for a vibrant and inviting design.

Step 2

Nestle small decorative containers along the top shelf of the garden window. Add a trio of plants like succulents to the containers for your own mini-greenhouse.

Step 3

Situate the larger pots filled with your favorite house plants to the bottom shelf for a well-balanced design. Plant a colorful bromeliad, a hardy houseplant, for a burst of color to the garden window sill.

Step 4

Display your favorite collections, like a set of antique teacups or collection of seashells, in the garden window. Nestle a simple doily or decorative material or cloth underneath the collection to help frame the pieces.

Step 5

Grow the ever-colorful and exotic orchid inside the garden window. Add at least two or three orchids to the window sill for a gorgeous display in the kitchen.

Things You'll Need

  • Valance
  • Containers
  • Houseplants
  • Collections
  • Decorative cloth
  • Orchids


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  • Garden Window Plants
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