Varieties of Amaryllis

Amaryllis bulbs are prized for their large colorful flowers produced on long, thick green stalks. They are grown in the garden for spring and summer bloom and are forced into bloom for sale and use as winter and holiday house plants. Amaryllis bulbs produce two to six flowers on each stem that open in a cascade and bloom in hues of red, pink, coral and white. There are amaryllis hybrids have double petal arrangements and also those with patterned petals that are striped or speckled. Amaryllis are very long-lived bulbs worth their price and can produce flowers yearly for up to 75 years when cared for properly.

Red Cultivars

Pure red blooming amaryllis bulbs include red lion, bahia and pamela. Bulbs that produce flowers in red with varying degrees of white pattern accents include minerva, united nations, star of Holland and summertime.

Orange, Peach & Pink Cultivars

The sampa, rio, rilona, wonderland and salmon master cultivars produce rich salmon and coral pink flowers. Orange sovereign and aphrodite bulbs produce the rarer orange-hued blooms while apple blossom produces a pink-and-white-striped flower with pale green edging.

White Cultivars

Pure white blooming cultivars of amaryllis bulbs include moonlight, jewel, Christmas gift, wedding dance and brasilanum.

Green Hued Cultivars

Some of the rarer amaryllis bulbs are those that bloom in green tones or mixed tones with green. Two of the more commercially available cultivars are lemon lime, which is greenish yellow throughout; and papilo. which is pale green with a deep burgundy-black inner throat.

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