How to Grow a Black Rose Plant


The black rose is an intriguing plant that many people consider a rose, when it's actually an evergreen perennial. This plant is called a rose plant because its dark, chocolaty black leaves are shaped in the form of a rose bud and resembles a rose when it blooms; however, the true bloom of a black rose plant is yellow, yellow-green and red. If you want an interesting, carefree plant that is easy to grow, the black rose plant is an excellent choice.

How to Grow a Black Rose Plant

Step 1

Determine where you will plant your black rose. If you live in an area that experiences temperatures less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you may want to consider leaving it in a container so it can be moved indoors or to a sheltered area during winter.

Step 2

Allow for the black rose plant to be able to receive full to medium sun.

Step 3

Provide well-drained soil that has an acidic range of 6.1 to 6.8. Sandy, cacti potting soil is a good blend to use for the black rose plant.

Step 4

Water the black rose plant to keep it moist until it has become established, then water indoor plants lightly just before they become dry.

Step 5

Water black rose plants that are planted outdoors to keep them from drying out completely during periods of drought. These are drought-tolerant plants so a light watering should be sufficient.

Step 6

Feed cactus food once a month except during winter months.

Step 7

Prune fast-growing, unruly stems to 5 to 6 inches in length.

Things You'll Need

  • Black rose plant
  • Container or ground for planting
  • Cacti potting soil
  • Water
  • Pruners
  • Cactus food


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Who Can Help

  • The Cactus Collection: General Care
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