How to Compost Bread


Like most foods, bread can be composted for later use in your garden. However, composting bread does come with some challenges. Because it is a processed food, composted bread will decompose more slowly than the vegetables and yard waste that should make up the majority of your compost pile. And, because bread is delicious and full of energy, foragers will tear up your compost pile to get to it. Avoid these pitfalls with a little preparation--and a seal-able compost bin.

Step 1

Allow the bread to dry out a bit by leaving it out on the counter, uncovered, overnight. Or, if the bread is in slices, pop it into the toaster.

Step 2

Crumble the bread into the smallest pieces that you can manage. If the toast that you have made is particularly crispy, you may want to do this with a sharp knife. Otherwise, use your hands.

Step 3

Remove the lid of your compost bin and sprinkle the dry bread crumbs over the top of the pile.

Step 4

Add a compost accelerant according to the package's directions for your pile's size and age.

Step 5

Use a shovel to turn the pile so that the older bottom layer of material is on top, and the newer top layer is on the bottom.

Things You'll Need

  • Sealed compost bin
  • Compost accelerant


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