The Best Garden Fountains

Gardens alone are already a wonderful source of relaxation and refuge. But add the soothing element of a garden fountain, and that makes a garden an even more desirable place to be. Garden fountains come in many shapes, styles and price ranges. Some are ready made, just waiting to be picked up from the store, or with a little creativity, homeowners can craft garden fountains from some ordinary materials, allowing them to put their stamp on the piece.

Recycled Materials

Rather than discarding an old bird bath or urn, give it a new life and purpose as a fountain. Such structures provide an excellent base for a fountain and only need an inexpensive recirculating bubbler, readily available in gardening and home improvement centers, to turn it into a one-of-a-kind fountain.

Terra Cotta Fountain

An inverted terra cotta pot placed on an oversized saucer is a popular choice for an inexpensive, but natural garden fountain. It only requires a recirculating bubbler, which can be easily installed and at little cost. To make the terra cotta fountain more of a stand out, consider painting or staining it a color to coordinate with your outdoor colors and then finish it with a sealer before using as a fountain. As an alternative to the traditional terra cotta pot, strawberry pots with their built-in pockets make ideal fountains.

Wall Fountain

Fountains are not limited to ground placement; attaching a fountain to a wall will provide interest to an outdoor space and is sure to be a conversation piece. Wall fountains are also ideal to help complement the décor of a particular style of garden, Asian in particular.

Free Materials

Look no further than your own backyard for a stack of rocks to turn into a fountain. Simply drill holes into the stack, insert a bubbler and tuck it away into a corner of a garden for a soothing fountain from an unexpected source.

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