List of Varieties of Apple Trees

Of the hundreds of apple tree varieties available, a select few are commonly and successfully grown in the home garden. To produce a crop of apples, homeowners must first know which type of apple tree to cross-pollinate a particular variety with. Then, whether you like them tart or sweet, all you have to do is get busy planting.

Red Delicious

The red delicious tree produces apples have a sweet flavor and dark, red skin. They are harvested in the fall, between late September and November. The golden delicious and gala are good cross pollinators of the red delicious.

Golden Delicious

The golden delicious apple tree produces fruit that has a sweet, distinctive flavor. The apples have a crisp, flavorful skin, but also bruise easily. If thinned, the golden delicious apple tree will bear fruit very young and annually. It is harvested from mid-September to late October. While the tree is self-fertile, it can be cross pollinated with the red delicious, gala or empire apple tree.


The gala apple tree produces fruit with flesh that has a pattern of orange-red and yellow. The tree grows compactly and vigorously produces fruit. It requires heavy thinning. The fruit is mildly tart and is suitable for fresh eating. The golden delicious apple tree is a good cross pollinator for the gala.


The fuji apple tree is a rather bushy tree that must be heavily pruned each year. The tree yields fruit that is yellowish-green with a tint of orange. The fruit is generally crisp and juicy and keeps well. Rome and braeburn apple trees are good cross pollinators for the fuji.

Granny Smith

The granny smith apple tree produces apples that are distinctively tart and crisp. The fruit is harvested in late October. The fruit of a granny smith tree keeps well. The granny smith apple tree is self-pollinated.

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