How to Make a Floral Table Arrangement


A floral table arrangement is used to add elegance to formal dining engagements and add color to parties and celebrations. A floral table arrangement is made at a reasonable height so anyone sitting at the table can easily see someone sitting across from them. Also, the size should be appropriate for the size of the table. For example, a large arrangement on a table set for a large Thanksgiving dinner will be cumbersome and in the way. The floral table arrangement should add and not take away from the overall presentation.

Step 1

Cut the flowers and greenery, and soak the cut ends in a leak-proof container that has enough water to cover one-third of the bottom of the stems. Soak the flowers for at least six hours before building the arrangement.

Step 2

Set the floral foam on top of the water and let it slowly soak up the water until the foam is fully saturated. Don't hold the foam down or force it into the water, or it will create air pockets within the foam and shorten the life of the cut flowers in the arrangement.

Step 3

Remove the water-logged foam from the water and use a sharp knife to cut the foam into a shape that fits firmly into the container you are using for the arrangement. If you cut the original piece too small, you can cut other pieces of wet foam to put between the inside of the container and the original foam piece to get a secure foam fit within the container.

Step 4

Cut greenery and place the cut ends of the greenery stems into the foam. Continue adding greenery at different angles until you can no longer see the floral foam and you have established the basic overall shape of the arrangement.

Step 5

Add smaller flowers first by cutting the stems to the appropriate size and carefully pushing the cut end of the stems into the floral foam as needed. Then, add large flowers. While building the arrangement, step back occasionally to look at the overall shape of the arrangement and confirm that it has a balanced look. Don't be afraid to pull out flowers and put them somewhere else in the arrangement if you don't like where you originally placed them.

Things You'll Need

  • Greenery
  • Fresh flowers of different sizes
  • Floral shears
  • Leak-proof container with low profile
  • Floral foam
  • Water
  • Sharp knife


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