Plants & Gardening Gifts

Whether you're buying a gift for a novice gardener or a seasoned veteran, there is a wide range of gardening gifts available. Gardening gifts can be either functional or just fun, but they don't have to be pricey. Plants and garden tools are available starting at just a few dollars. Gardening gifts are meaningful any time of the year, not just in the height of a gardening season.


Consider low-maintenance houseplants that are likely to be around long after your special occasion. Popular options include the jade plant, which is practically kill-proof, unless it is over watered. The cast iron plant is another good choice for a plant gift as it is drought tolerant and can handle a range of lighting conditions.

Seasonal Plants

If your gift giving coincides with the holiday season, a number of plants present good options for gifts. Winter-flowering cyclamen are available in a variety of colors. Chrysanthemums are equally lovely and diverse in their colors; however, they require constant moisture and bright light in order to grow. For summertime favorites, keep the Boston fern in mind, or perhaps a flat of summer perennials.

Garden Tools and Accessories

Giving a gardener a specialized tool to support his or her hobby is always a safe bet. Tools are available in a wide price range, from an inexpensive garden trowel to a more expensive looper. For the beginning gardener, a boxed set of gardening tools is a thoughtful option. Don't overlook simple, but practical things like kneeling pads, gardening footwear and gloves.

Magazine Subscription

Experience may truly be the best teacher when it comes to gardening, and giving a magazine subscription will offer some insights without your gardener having to get her hands dirty. Whether the gardener is new to the hobby or an old pro, there will likely be some idea, a new hybrid of a plant or technique that they he will learn from one of the many popular gardening magazines available.

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