How to Hang Strawberry Planters


There is no need for a large space for a strawberry patch, as these small fruits can also be grown in containers. Hanging baskets are one option that allows you to grow strawberries in a small space such as on a patio or balcony. While plants in hanging baskets may not produce as prolifically as others, this can be partially remedied by ensuring they are planted correctly and well taken care of. A basket of strawberries allows you to grow your own fresh fruit regardless of where you live.

Step 1

Choose a large hanging basket with drainage holes in the bottom. Alternately, use a wire basket with a sphagnum moss or coconut coir liner.

Step 2

Fill the basket with a quality potting mix. Make your own by combining one part sand, one part ground fir bark and two parts potting soil. Mix in a slow release fertilizer following label instructions, or add 8 cups of fertilizer per each cubic yard of potting mix.

Step 3

Plant three plants per 12-inch-diameter basket, spacing them equally apart. Plant so the crowns of the plant, which is where the stems emerge from the roots, are even with the soil surface.

Step 4

Water the baskets until it drains from the bottom drainage holes. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, at all times. Check the soil in the basket daily to ensure it is still moist, as baskets dry out quickly.

Step 5

Hang the basket in an area that receives full sunlight. Screw the hook into a crossbeam or other secure area and hang the basket.

Step 6

Pinch off runners from the main plant as they form. Runners are long, vine-like stems that root down to form new plants. These are undesirable in the confines of a hanging basket.

Step 7

Fertilize starting after the initial fertilizer has been used, approximately two months after planting. Fertilize with a liquid feed following label instructions.

Tips and Warnings

  • Strawberries may reach for the sun in a basket. Turn the basket once a week so all sides receive equal sunlight.

Things You'll Need

  • Basket
  • Sand
  • Fir bark
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer


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