How to Make Flower Arrangements in Bouquets


A bouquet makes a beautiful gift. Unlike a formal arrangement, a bouquet is a collection of flowers arranged outside of a container wrapped in paper and tied together with a ribbon or string. A bouquet can be purchased from a florist or can be made from flowers at a store or flowers from the garden. Bouquets are best if they are presented fresh before the flowers have a chance to wilt. The bouquet can be held in a cooler or refrigerator up to 12 hours before being given to the recipient or untied and arranged in a vase.

Step 1

Lay out a piece of wrapping paper diagonally on a table or other surface with one corner of the paper facing you. Choose a piece of paper that is large enough to wrap the bouquet. It is better to have a piece of paper that is too large rather than not large enough.

Step 2

Arrange the greenery on top of the paper. This greenery will be the back of the bouquet to give it shape as well as cushion the flowers when the bouquet is set down. Examples of greenery are stems of fern and small stems of plants with green leaves or growth attached.

Step 3

Arrange several large flowers over the greenery, then add a layer of smaller flowers with the smaller flowers at a slightly lower level, or closer to you, than the larger flowers so the larger flowers added first will be the most visible. Continue to add smaller flowers as filler alternating with larger flowers with each group of flowers at a slightly lower level until you have reached the desired size of the bouquet. The bouquet should be built so it fits comfortably in the crook of your arm. For example, think about the way a beauty pageant winner usually holds her bouquet.

Step 4

Grab all the stems of the flowers and greenery in one hand and tie all the stems together with the ribbon or string to hold the bouquet together. Tie firmly enough so when the bouquet is unwrapped it will not fall apart but not so tight the ribbon or string cuts through the greenery and flower stems.

Step 5

Fold the corner of the paper that is closest to you over the bottom of the stems and wrap the other two sides of the paper over the bouquet and the corner of the paper that is folded over the stems. Secure the bouquet wrap by wrapping a ribbon or string around the bouquet. You may tuck a small note inside the bouquet. If you have to cut the bottom of the stems, don't cut too much because the flowers added last will have very short stems and may be too short to make a nice arrangement once the bouquet is untied and the flowers are placed into a vase.

Things You'll Need

  • Mixed greenery
  • Mixed cut flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Brown paper or colored florist paper
  • Table


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