Landscape Edging Alternatives

The typical plastic or metal edging for your lawn and landscape can be replaced with a more natural design. Use plants and flowers to create an inviting and long-lasting landscape edge. Add them as a makeshift-edging alternative around trees and along a large lawn. Planting plants and flowers along a grass line help to define that area and add a colorful addition to the space.


Plant colorful perennial plants along the landscape edge to use as an edging alternative. Create a lush and vibrant edge using the ever-gorgeous coneflower. With their purple blooms and full shape, they define a landscape edge with beauty. Surrounding the blooms, plant small perennials like verbena and cuphea. Both with their brightly colored blooms creep around the edge while providing a colorful contrast. Another ideal edging perennial is the blue star creeper. This creeping plant has tiny blue blooms and bright green foliage that comes back each year fuller. Plant these along a lawn edge or stone path edge for a lovely design.

Herbs & Edibles

Bright green herbs mixed with edible vegetables plants along a landscape are a perfect way to edge the space while adding a sweet and fragrant scent. The deep purple foliage on purple basil looks especially elegant against the landscape. Next to the basil, add a row of lavender plants. These herbs will begin their flowering mid spring and last through the summer. Add a bright red pepper plant or ornamental pepper near the purple basil for a stark contrast and vibrant addition to the space. Along the base of these herbs, plant low growing herbs like thyme and sage to creep along the base of the plants and help define the landscape.

Stone Path

Install a stone path through the landscape as an edge and inviting alternative. Use flagstone, slate or even crushed rock to edge down the landscape and along the lawn. Use the natural curve of the land to help guide you along and to create a natural looking design. Add a ground cover in between the stones for another layer of contrast and beauty. Along the edge of the path, consider using a thin layer of mulch to help the plants grow strong while creating a contrast to the stones.

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