Mower Blades Types

Homeowners can easily and understandably become overwhelmed by the myriad of choices available when it comes to purchasing a lawnmower; it seems as if there are just as many brands and styles of lawnmowers for each type of lawn that can be grown. Fortunately there are only two types of cutting blades to contend with. To help further narrow down the selection of blades, know the recommended cutting height for your lawn, and then you can be certain you have the best mower blade type for the job.

Rotary Blades

Rotary blades are found in lawn mowers that you walk behind and also in larger riding mowers. These blades are typically 8 to 10 inches in diameter and cut grass with a shearing action. Rotary blades are ideal for cutting grass at higher mowing heights. Sharpening a rotary blade can be a rather tedious task.

Reel Blades

Reel blades offer a cleaner and higher quality cut than rotary blades. The blade on a reel mower is also better able to follow the contour of a lawn. Although they offer more precise cuts, many models of reel mowers are unable to adjust their mowing height, making them a much less popular choice. They are also more difficult to sharpen than rotary blades.

Mulching Blades

Mulching blades, a modified version of the rotary blade, allows homeowners the opportunity to cut and re-cut grass into small pieces that are not visible on the surface. Mulching blades eliminate the need to bag clippings after a cutting.

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