Plants for Pergolas

Many stunning and hardy plants exist to grow up and over your pergola, adding an inviting design to an outdoor landscape. Plant creeping vines like honeysuckle and trumpet vines for their lovely blooms and vibrant draping effect. Grow plants and flowers around the perimeter of the pergola to help tie in the design. Use colors found around the existing garden and landscape to create a well-balanced and lovely pergola design.


Grapevines are hardy perennial vines with a vigorous growth rate and will have your pergola covered in no time. Beginning in the summer, the red or green grapes drape down beneath the vines for a lovely design. The dense red and green foliage possess gorgeous, vibrant colors. This fast-growing vine also adds a protective layer to the "roof" of the pergola, ideal in the hot summer months.


The cascading deciduous wisteria vine looks vibrant dripping down a pergola. Its pale purple blooms and sweet scent begins its show in the spring and lasts through the beginning of summer. The hardy vines can be planted at the base of each pergola post to wrap around the posts and over the top, creating a fragrant, shady tunnel. Watch as the vines cascade down for a gorgeous pergola plant and one that will come back each year, fuller and healthier.


The vibrant evergreen English ivy vine is the perfect plant to use for your pergola. With its moderate to rapid growth pattern, this climbing plant can grow up to 50 feet, making your pergola structure lush and green. The berries of the ivy produce a bluish-black color, which contrast nicely with the green plant. These vines are also very drought-tolerant and extremely hardy, making them a nice addition to your pergola.


This perennial vine can be grown around the pergola vine to create a vibrant, stunning addition to the outdoor landscape. With its curved and twining stems, this vine creeps up and over your pergola while adding color with their vibrant blooms. The bloom colors come in a wide range including pink, red, purple, orange, apricot and white. They prefer fertile soils and can also be grown in containers. Make sure these stunning vines receive full sun to prosper and thrive.

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