Perennial Bloom Flower List

It's nice to plant a few bright annual flowers, each year. However, if most of your blooming plants are perennials, you can enjoy them year after year with minimal care. When you choose these flowering plants that bloom a bit longer than other perennials, you'll enjoy spectacular extended flowers. Chrysanthemums, roses and hydrangeas (depending on the variety) will keep on blooming until the first frost. Shorter blooming flowers, such as lilacs, may only bloom for approximately three weeks.


Many varieties of chrysanthemums (mums) exist, including varieties that bloom in the fall. This flowering plant is one of the longer blooming perennials. They vary in height, flower size and color, making it a viable choice. Interestingly, this flower is the floral emblem of the Japanese imperial family. Autumn Fire is a popular variety, growing over 18 inches. The 3½ inch bloom is a burnt orange color. Centennial Sun has 1½ inch golden yellow blooms. The plant grows up to 18 inches. Snowscape is a shorter plant, growing below 12 inches tall. It offers a creamy white, 1½ inch bloom.


These huge blooms may remind you of an old fashioned flower, yet there are many hybrids that have been created quite recently. The blooms are a huge bouquet of smaller flowers. Plant your hydrangea in moist soil in a partially shaded location. They do quilt well in morning sun and afternoon shade. This deciduous flowering bush comes in four categories, lacecap, oakleaf, mophead and panicle. If pruning is necessary, do it directly after blooming is finished for the season. Some popular varieties of hydrangeas are: Blue Lacecap, Blushing Bride Mophead, Cardinal Red Mophead, Twist and Shout and Snowflake.


The beloved rose is known as the romantic flower. There are many varieties within the four types of roses. Hybrid tea roses are the long stemmed beauties used by florists. Climbing roses have smaller buds on a vine that you might see on a trellis or garden archway. Miniature roses are small rose plants with small leaves and blooms. They are often seen in containers. Old Garden roses are "antique" roses from earlier times. Floribunda are the bushes you see many times in gardens. These roses are a hardy type that is bushy and abundant with blooms. Polyantha roses, another version of "antique" roses, have low bushes with small blooms. Mini-floras is the latest classification of roses that are too large to fit into the miniature category and too small for other categories. One of the most admired roses is "Peace." It was smuggled into the U.S. from France in 1945. Its yellow bloom with a dark pink outline is a unique version of the hybrid tea rose.

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