Types of Indoor Plants

Many indoor plants exist that can add a burst of color and design to your indoor space. Consider growing easy and fuss-free plants that can withstand the ever-changing climate of the home. Use plants that can withstand a little drought, if left unattended. Use one area of your home like a sun porch to create a vibrant and colorful indoor garden using your favorite plants.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are a stemless indoor plant which produces dark green leaves up to two feet long. This slow growing houseplant can handle some sun as well as shade, perfect for beginner gardeners. Don't over-water this plant, as it needs to dry out in between each watering session. Fertilize this houseplant once a year to keep the houseplant healthy and happy.

Victoria Fern

The Victoria fern has interesting wiry leaf stems with elongated leaves. The deep green fronds are lovely with their striped white striations, making them a gorgeous addition to your home. These lovely ferns also need indirect light and consistent moisture, but are very forgiving and can be over-watered if you forget.


Use a bromeliad in your home to add splashes of brightly colored pinks and reds to your space . Known for their colorful foliage, these vibrant indoor plants easily adapt to the constant changing temperatures of an indoor garden. Remember not to water in their cup, rather the soil down below.

Philodendron Moonlight

Philodendron moonlight is another stunning indoor plant to grow. Its bright and glossy leaves will jazz up any space inside your home. Its leaves are a yellow green that gradually turn darker as they mature. The pale pink blooms look stunning against the leaves and will create a vibrant addition to your indoor plant collection. Make sure it receives low light to flourish and thrive.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Grow a phalaenopsis orchid as a beautiful addition to your indoor garden. They come in range of colors including pink, white and purple. Some have stripes and other intricate patterns, making for an unexpected addition to an inside window will. This plant loves humidity so think about using this one in your bathroom.

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