Flower Bulb Gifts

Small gardening gifts are an excellent way to get someone into the craft. Flower bulbs are a good choice, as they can be packaged decoratively. Plus, the bulbs eventually supply a beautiful array of bright flowers to the recipient. When you create your flower bulb gift, always make sure to include written direction on how to use them. Not all of your family and friends are avid gardeners, although they may be after they receive your present.

Wedding Favors

You've probably seen the Jordan almonds, wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon. These wedding favors have been popular for many years. Use this same procedure to wrap five paperwhite bulbs. Make sure to type up a card that includes information on how to plant them outdoors as well as how to force-bloom them indoors (see Resources). Punch a hole in the corner of the card and run the ribbon through it before tying the tulle together. This also makes a good office gift.

Potted Tulips

Potted tulips make a perfect gift for just about anyone. Choose three tulip bulbs of the same color and variety; pink or red are popular. Tie the bulbs in netting or other breathable material. Purchase a new clay pot and saucer. Use a base color acrylic paint to seal the pot and saucer inside and out. You may need to paint more than one coat, depending on the paint color. Use stencils or freehand to paint a design that will match the tulip bulb color. Spray a clear polyurethane sealer, inside and out. After the container is dry, include a plastic bag of potting soil, the tulip bulbs, a small bag of gravel or stones (for good drainage in the pot). Include a card with planting instructions. Cover the entire gift with a sheet of cellophane (found at craft stores) and tie it at the top with a ribbon, twine or raffia.

Bulb Basket

For the avid gardener, you'll need to be a bit more inventive to come up with something they haven't seen before. Fill an attractive basket with different types of flower bulbs for garden planting. Contain each type separately in netting or tulle, tied with raffia at the top. Add a label to each with the name of the bulb and a bit of outdoor growing information. Add a good pair of garden gloves and a trowel (small shovel). Some flower bulbs to consider are: tulips, daffodils, dahlias, gladiolas or lilies.

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