Water Irrigation Products for Gardens

Irrigating any type of garden can be done with a simple water hose laid on the ground between rows of plants, but there are several types of products that help you irrigate the garden without wasting water. Most irrigation systems can even be enhanced with automatic timer systems, so your gardens are always watered regularly with just the right amount of water needed.

Drip Systems

Drip watering systems allow you to apply water directly to the ground area around your plants, in slow, measured drips or trickles. By dripping water to the ground around your plants, the water is able to soak into the soil instead of evaporating or running off. This makes a much more efficient watering system with little to no waste. Drip watering systems can be made by poking or cutting holes into a standard watering hose, at intervals that match the planting space of your flowers and plants. Drip irrigation systems and kits can also be purchased, which makes installation and future expansion much easier to accomplish.

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are similar to drip systems in that they apply water directly to the ground around your plants. Instead of dripping from specifically spaced areas, however, a soaker hose will "leak" water through the entire length of its porous surface. This type of irrigation system is often less expensive and easier to install than drip systems. Soaker hoses are also an efficient garden watering system that wastes little water because nothing is spraying into the air and evaporating and there are no pools or collection points that can easily run off. They can easily be buried a few inches under the soil to keep them out of sight and lessen the chances of tripping over them while you're working in the garden.


Sprinklers are a popular irrigation system for gardens. A simple portable sprinkler can be purchased inexpensively and moved about the garden as desired. Pop-up sprinkler systems can be installed in the garden at specific spaces and intervals, making this irrigation option a more permanent solution. Sprinkler systems spray water around a given area, which means some of the water may evaporate into the air on hot days. The garden plants themselves will have water falling on them as well, which can run the risk of burning delicate plant leaves on hot sunny days.

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