How to Mow Creeping Red Fescue


Creeping red fescue is a popular variety of fine fescue that grows well in cold, dry and shady climates. This hardy, cold and drought tolerant grass will thrive where most grasses only grow sparsely or not at all. Creeping red fescue needs little water, fertilizer or other maintenance, making it a worry-free and water-conservation friendly grass. In fact, regular mowing is one of the few demands that your creeping red fescue lawn will make of you.

Step 1

Rake the lawn to remove any unseen debris or rocks. They may damage your lawnmower or hurt you when they are launched by the rotating blades.

Step 2

Adjust the height of your mower's blade so that it is three to four inches above the ground. For most lawnmower models, this is done by adjusting the height of the wheels.

Step 3

Make your first pass across the lawn by going in a straight line from one end of the lawn to the other. Walk at a brisk pace. Going to slowly may clog your lawnmower.

Step 4

Turn the mower around and make another straight pass that overlaps the first by at least three inches.

Step 5

Continue to make overlapping passes until you reach the opposite end of the lawn.

Step 6

Rake up and bag any grass clippings.

Step 7

Repeat once a week.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawnmower
  • Rake


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