Window Box Planter Color Ideas

Update your home's exterior using window box planters. Use the space to fill the container with plants in a wide range of colors, textures, shapes and heights. Creating a well-balanced design will ensure a stunning look to your outdoor landscape. To keep the plants healthy and happy, add nutrient-rich compost to the container. Remember with a little effort and a few clumps of fresh blooms, your window box transforms into the focal point of your space.

All White

Create an elegant window box planter using all white blooms. Grow white tulips in the back of the window box for height and their ever-lovely teacup shaped blooms. Nestle in white hyacinth blooms with their unusual texture and upright shape. Use miniature white daffodils in the front of the planter to help fill out the space and add their draping cupped bloom. On either sides of the window box add the draping verbena plant. With its white and billowing form and vigorous spreading capability, the planter will come together to brighten up your outdoor landscape.

Lush Green

Nothings more exotic than an all green window box planter. Use different shades of green to create this stunning planter. Add the draping asparagus fern to the sides of the planter to drip down the edge and add unusual texture to the space. Use small fern fronds spaced in the back of the planter to add height and a splash of bright green. Add a sedum plant to creep around the base of the planter and down the sides. Don't forget to add a clump of your favorite green herb like sage or thyme to add a sweet scent to the space.

Colorful Combination

Pick colorful blooms to brighten up your home's exterior and create a cheery window box design. In the window box planter begin adding your favorite colored blooms like the ever-vibrant geranium plant. Use these to add height to the planter. Add a trailing lobelia plant to cascade down the side. With their vibrant purple blooms, the geraniums will contrast nicely with the bright lobelia. Add in a two small clumps of pink impatiens to help fill in the front of the space. Nestle in sprigs of colorful gerbera daisies and cosmos to finish off the planter and ensure a cheerful and vibrant design.

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