How to Compost Meat


Composting meat is generally considered a bad idea for two reasons: First, meat produces anaerobic bacteria that can raise the temperature of your compost pile and retard decomposition. Second, decomposing meat emits a pungent odor that scavengers like flies, mice and bears are drawn to. However, by investing in a tumbler compost bin, you can compost meat relatively quickly while keeping rodents, insects and other scavengers out of your pile.

Step 1

Cook the meat first. Raw meat contains harmful bacteria that may be passed on to you the next time you handle your compost. Plus, raw meat takes considerably longer to break down than cooked meat.

Step 2

Keep the meat to a minimum. The best meat scraps for composting are bones with very little fat or flesh on them. When you're finished with chicken, steak or pork chops, for instance, consider stretching the meat by making a soup from the bones and remaining meat before tossing it into the compost pile.

Step 3

Cut the meat up into small pieces.

Step 4

Open the door to the tumbler compost bin and sprinkle the meat over the top of the compost pile.

Step 5

Add compost accelerant to the pile according to the manufacturer's instructions for the volume of organic material in your compost bin.

Step 6

Turn the compost pile three times daily.

Things You'll Need

  • Tumbler compost bin
  • Compost accelerant


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