How to Create Wedding Bouquets


The easiest type of wedding bouquet to create is a tie-style bouquet. If you choose to use silk or other artificial flowers, you can make them months before the actual event. However, if you are set on fresh flower bouquets, you'll want to order the flowers ahead of time. By doing so, you will be able to pick up the flowers, from the florist, a day before the wedding, creating fresh bouquets.

Step 1

Place your fresh flowers in a bucket of warm water. If you are using silk flowers, you may skip this step.

Step 2

Clip off all the leaves from the flowers with your scissors or garden clippers. Save them to use in the bouquet later, if you like. Do not clip off any of the flower stems at this time.

Step 3

Choose a focal flower or up to three flowers. The flower(s) should be open, large and full. These are the center flowers of the bouquet.

Step 4

Hold the focal flower(s) in one hand while placing additional flowers around the middle in a dome shape. Continue adding flowers, in a dome shape, until you have the size wedding bouquet that you want. When you finish, the wedding bouquet should look like a slight dome from the focal flowers down to the last row (bottom) of flowers. Add leaf stems throughout the bouquet at the bottom if you prefer.

Step 5

Wrap the bouquet stems together with florist wire. Start the wire about an inch below the underside of the bouquet. Crisscross the wire down about 6 inches. Crisscross the wire back up to the beginning. Use your wire cutters to clip the wire and work the end into the wrapped wire.

Step 6

Bind florist tape around the wire to cover it. Start at the top of the wired stems and wrap florist tape around, as you did the wire. Pull slightly on the tape. As you do so, it will stick, holding it in place. When you get to the bottom of the wire, wrap it back up to the top. Cut the tape and stick it to the wrapped tape.

Step 7

Wrap the satin ribbon over the tape, starting at the bottom of the tape. Leave an end tail of 10 inches. Hold the ribbon to the tape, with one hand and wrap around and up to the top of the tape. Crisscross back down over the wrapped ribbon. Tie a double knot at the bottom of the ribbon, as it meets the first tail. Cut the ribbon from the roll, leaving a 10-inch tail. You may tie a bow or leave the streamers hanging. This works best if you don't precut the ribbon.

Step 8

Trim the stems across the bottom, in an even cut. The stems may be 5 to 6 inches longer than the end of the tied ribbon, or just 1 inch longer, as you prefer.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers (fresh or silk)
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Florist wire
  • Florist tape
  • Satin ribbon (1 inch or wider)


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