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Flowers are bright, colorful and a cheerful presence in any room. A flower arrangement adds appeal to any space, serving as the perfect inexpensive accent piece. Although beautiful arrangements are easily available at florists at any time of the year, you can make one with flowers to complement the main colors of any room of your house or gift to someone with specific flowers to convey a certain message. Flowers arrangements are always appreciated and you will enjoy the compliments that follow.

Step 1

Select a container for your arrangement. You can use a wide container stuffed with foam that you will insert flower stems into or a vase in any shape. The container size will determine how many flowers you need to purchase. You can also get creative and use a jug or any decorative bowl from your kitchen as a container to hold the flower arrangement. Cut the floral foam with scissors to fit the cavity of your container and give your arrangement structure.

Step 2

Select healthy flowers of your choice from your local florist. Make sure the stems or leaves are not broken or spotted with disease and the flower blooms are not drooping. Keep any theme in mind for color preference, or mix up to three differently colored flowers for a brightly colored arrangement that will spruce up the display surface. Also select greenery for your arrangement, such as stems of baby's breath, ferns or rich green leaves. These will add contrasting color to your arrangement and give it a fuller look.

Step 3

Prepare the flowers by stripping leaves and thorns off of those stems that will be below the water level in the container. To determine the appropriate stem height, hold a flower outside the vase so both their ends are at the same level. Select the desirable height and cut the excess off at an angle with a sharp pair of scissors. Ideally, flowers with varying stem heights look appealing in an arrangement, with the tallest ones in the center and the shorter ones, along with any foliage, around them. However, depending on personal taste, you can have all the flowers the same height.

Step 4

Hold the tallest central flowers in your hand so they form a square, and begin adding the others around them one at a time. Adjust the height of each according to how you want the arrangement to look. Do not worry if any stem sticks out lower than the others, as you can simply trim the excess off once you finish arranging your flowers. Also include greenery to the back and sides of your arrangement, adding it once all of the flowers have been arranged.

Step 5

Lower the arrangement into your vase or container. Make sure the blooms do not crush each other; if that is the case, remove a few so they are separated and have plenty of space to stand out. Wrap decorative ribbon around your vase or container and knot it in a bow for added appeal.

Things You'll Need

  • Vase or basket
  • Floral foam
  • Scissors
  • Flowers
  • Baby's breath, pine branches or leaves
  • Ribbon


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