Good Planting Locations for Soleirolia

Soleirolia (Soleirolia soleirolii) is a delicate, fast-growing perennial ground cover. More commonly known as Baby Tears or Angel Tears, the plant, which features small, round green leaves, is attractive as a ground cover, in a rock garden or in a window box. Soleirolia is very hardy and can be planted in the above mentioned locations and many other locations as well, as long as the soil is kept continually moist.

Under Trees

Soleirolia is a ground cover that thrives in low-light conditions, which means you can plant it under trees and in other shady spots or dark corners of your garden. It will spread and creep over the ground, and its shallow roots will not compete with the larger roots of any nearby large trees or plants.

In a Rock Garden

Soleirolia is perfect for a rock garden because it will drape gracefully over any rock or stone wall, and the plant's shallow roots will allow it to anchor itself in only a small amount of soil. In the spring, tiny white flowers will make the plant look even more beautiful as it cascades over the gray stone.

In a Window Box or Container

The trailing nature of Soleirolia lends itself well to the fronts of window boxes, where it can dip gracefully almost to the ground in just one growing season. For the same reason, it works well in both hanging and floor containers, especially those that receive little light, such as containers placed on porches.


Because it can handle low-light conditions and is rarely bothered by pests, Soleirolia is frequently grown as a house plant, whether as a stand-alone plant or underneath another house plant. In addition, the fact that it loves moist soil makes it the perfect addition to a terrarium.

Between Flagstones

Create a lush, English-garden look by planting Soleirolia between the stones on a loosely-fit (with gaps) flagstone patio or path. If the plant is not too frequently trod upon, it will fill the spaces between the stones with a soft, bright green mat of tiny round leaves.

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