List of Types of Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are native to parts of South America, west Africa, and Indonesia. Of course, Hawai'i, India and China are big contributors to the tropical plant world as well. Most tropicals are endemic to the rainforest but there are those that thrive on beaches as well. Tropical flowers are usually highly scented and well-adapted to certain niches within their native habitats.


Orchids are the quintessential tropical flower and are very easy to grow. The Cattleya orchid is probably the easiest orchid for the first-time grower. Orchids need plenty of light, but not direct sunlight when they are in bloom. They also require warm temperatures (75 to 80 degrees F in the daytime) and as much humidity as you can give them. Orchids, members of the largest flowering plant family in the world, are native to tropical America and Asia.


The gardenia, a member of the coffee family, is a flowering shrub native to many tropical regions, mainly tropical Africa. The flowers are highly scented white blooms. The gardenia is a challenging plant to grow outside of the tropics as it must have bright, indirect light and high levels of humidity.


If you've ever received a Hawai'ian lei it was probably strung from the flower of the plumeria tree. The plumeria, or frangipani as it is sometimes called, is a highly scented tropical flower that blooms in shades of pink, yellow and white. Plumeria grows well in the milder climates in the United States as long as it is brought indoors in the winter.

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