How to Arrange Flowers in a Large Vase


Arrange your flowers as though they have just been cut from your garden and are beaming with color and freshness. Combine different heights and shapes for a balanced arrangement, and use moss and draping flowers to drip over the vase for an unexpected design. Always re-cut the stems before placing them inside the vase to ensure they last a long time, and intersperse light green sprigs of greenery for a dramatic and stunning arrangement.

Step 1

Fill the vase with wet floral foam to support the flower stems and ensure they remain snug within the large arrangement. Make sure the blooms are unbruised and the leaves are healthy.

Step 2

Remove all foliage and leaves from the lower half of the flower stems to prevent them from dropping inside the vase. Begin inserting one flower stem at a time and work your away around the vase.

Step 3

Use long-stemmed flowers for height in the large vase. Insert long snapdragons or roses in the back of the vase to begin the design and provide a backdrop to the arrangement.

Step 4

Add large blooms, such as peonies and day lilies, around the long-stemmed flowers to begin to fill out the vase and add texture to the arrangement. Remember the blooms in the center of the bouquet should be a tad bit taller than the blooms around the rim of the vase to create a rounded and balanced form.

Step 5

Nestle sprigs of greenery, such as eucalyptus and fern fronds, to the sides of the vase to help frame the flowers within and add contrast.

Step 6

Insert vibrant green herbs in between the larger blooms for a sweet scent. Add draping herbs, such as thyme, to the front of the container to cascade down the vase for a beautiful design.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral foam
  • Greenery
  • Herbs


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