Peace Lilies Potting Soil Mix Recipe


Peace lilies comprise several flowering species within the Spathiphyllum genus. Although they are not related to true lilies, their flowers are just as pretty, with their snow-white flowers extending above their long, narrow leaves. Peace lilies grow and flower well in low light conditions: you might have seen them used in the indoor landscaping of shopping malls and airports. They are easy to grow as a houseplant or in low light outdoors during warm weather, but they do need the right potting soil in order to thrive.

Making a Potting Mix for Peace Lilies

Step 1

Grow your peace lily in a standard potting soil mix if you want, but making additions to the mix can help your plant to flower more abundantly by making the plant healthier and more robust than those grown without special amendments.

Step 2

Mix equal amounts of peat moss, sand, bark and loam into your potting soil.

Step 3

Spread a one-inch layer of small rocks in the bottom of your peace lily's pot to give it the good drainage this plant needs.

Step 4

Fill the pot about half full with your peat moss, sand, bark and loam mixture. Then set your peace lily into the pot and continue filling in with the same soil mixture.

Step 5

Water your peace lily thoroughly. Allow the potting soil to dry slightly before you water it again, but don't allow your soil to get too dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Low-light environment
  • Standard potting soil
  • Peat moss
  • Sand
  • Bark
  • Loam


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