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Even when the weather turns cold, there's still a little maintenance that homeowners may need to do to take care of their lawns. For those who live in areas with snowfall, that means breaking out the tools and keeping mounds of snow from piling up on your turf. Although snow may seem harmless and a rite of winter passage, if left unattended it can leave a lawn in an undesirable state come spring.

Step 1

Prepare your lawn for snow before the first announcement of a snow fall. Create good traction by using the proper materials, which will make the snow easier to remove. Cover the turf with a layer of sand or use a commercial, liquid product like Bare Ground. Bare Ground is readily available in home improvement stores and centers.

Step 2

Use a standard snow shovel to remove snow from a driveway or walkway. Apply a coat of wax to the shovel; general floor wax will suffice to create a slick surface, making snow removal easier.

Step 3

Use an electric-powered snow blower for large areas. Consider the price range of the product, which varies from $500 up to over $900. Take into account that single-stage blowers have lower horsepower, which may mean more work for you.

Step 4

Be persistent in keeping snow off your lawn to prevent snow-related lawn fungi from growing in the spring. Look for blades of grass that are a shade of pink, white or gray and that have a damp or fuzzy appearance. Wait until the lawn becomes completely dry before trying to treat the fungus.

Things You'll Need

  • Sand
  • Bare Ground
  • Snow shovel
  • Electric-powered snow blower


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