What Common Plants Are Good in a Terrarium?

A terrarium is an airtight container that is made of glass or plastic that contains very small houseplants. Any type of clear container can be used for a terrarium as long as it has an opening wide enough so that you can care for your plants. Low lying plants that have a dense growth pattern are the best types of plants for a terrarium. The following plants are excellent choices for terrariums.

African Violet

The African violet is a excellent plant for a terrarium. They like warm areas with good soil drainage and medium light conditions. You will not have to mist your flowers or the soil to keep them moist. The humidity in the terrarium will allow these flowers to have a long blooming period. They often reach heights of 1-6 inches when they are fully grown.

Coral Berry

The coral berry plant is a low-lying shrub that has small red berries that resemble tiny apples. The berries even smell like apples when they are crushed but give off a very bitter taste. The plant works best in larger terrariums because it can reach a height of 12 inches tall. It requires medium light and warm temperatures to grow.

Baby Tears

The baby tears plant is a moss-like creeper. The plant requires a very moist environment and will die back in the winter months but put back out in the spring. Baby tears can be a difficult plant to grow unless you maintain temperature and moisture.


The begonia will grow to heights of over 6 inches tall but can be pruned back for container use. These flowers originated in Hawaii and are a popular flower for party decoration. The flowers come in a wide variety of colors from white to pink and fuchsia. Begonias can be very showy when they bloom due to the large number of flowers on each plant. Their color makes them an excellent flower for a terrarium.

Bunny-Ears Cactus

The bunny-ears cactus is a dense shrub that is native to Mexico. The plant has round padded leaves with thick patches of barbed like spines. These spines detached very easily and can cause a lot of skin irritation. The cactus can grow to over 12 inches tall and prefers warm temperatures and a lot of light.

Creeping Fig

The creeping fig is a very low-lying plant. The average height is between one and three inches tall. The creeping fig plant makes an excellent ground cover in your terrarium and usually grows very densely. The plant prefers medium light and warm temperatures.

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