The Best Indoor Plants for an Office

Bringing container gardening inside is a great way to clean the office air. NASA has found some indoor plants that actually help clean the air we breathe from harmful gases and chemicals. These plants can make great office plants and provide benefits to the air, as well as making your office a lovelier place to work.

Cut Leaf Philodendron

Philodendron bipinnatifidum, the cut leaf philodendron, is an evergreen fast growing perennial that is good for indoor use and for container gardening. For offices this is best used for conference halls or a large area. It will grow up to 15 feet by 15 feet with glossy leaves up to 3 feet. lndoors, that translates to bright light without direct sun. Propagate via cuttings.

Wandering Jew

Tradescantia zebrina, known commonly as the "Wandering Jew", is a fast-growing, easy-to-grow perennial good for containers and indoor use. It is best in a hanging basket in a corner of a conference room or large office space. Leaves are 3 inches, hairy, oval, and usually variegated. It will trail down from a hanging basket. Grow in rich soil in any shady spot. Indoors that is away from direct sun. Propagate via seed or by cuttings.

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum, the spider plant, is a fast and easy to grow perennial good for shade locations, indoor use, and containers. 8 to 16 inch long leaves compliment tiny white flowers. The ends of the wire like stalks are baby spider plants. Grow in any moist soil in any light. Floridata calls it "one of the easiest house plants to maintain." Propagate via the baby spider plants being rooted.

Gerber Daisy

Gerbera Jamesonii, the Gerber daisy, is an easy to grow perennial good for indoor use and container gardening. Many different colors are available and there are both single and double varieties. Stems get 12 to 18 inches long and flowers range from 2.5 to 5 inches wide. Leaves are 8 to 10 inches in a low mound rosette. Grow in well drained soil in full sun or light shade. Propagate via seed or by clump division.


Chrysanthemum is a fast and easy to grow perennial that is evergreen, good for containers, and flowers well. Leaves are fragrant and dark green with flowers that vary in size and color by cultivar. Grow in slight acidic soil in sun to partial sun, or a bright window location. Propagate via tip cuttings in summer or spring or by division.

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