Preventing Weeds from Reseeding in Your Garden

Preventing Weeds from Reseeding in Your Garden Information

By Josie Borlongan, Garden Guides Contributor Weeds are usually fast-growing and invasive, competing with the cultivated plants for food and water. Weeds are able to grow in a wide range of soils and sites. At times, they are very hard to control. Oftentimes, even after pulling the weeds, they can still reseed and germinate.


* Mulch
* Black plastics
* Herbicides
* Weed killers
* Flame weeder
* Hoe
* Knife
* Rake
* Weed Cutter
* Weed Whacker
* Rototiller


* Apply mulch in your planting bed to prevent weeds from reseeding. Covering your planting bed with mulch will help prevent weeds to sprout and germinate. Some materials used as mulch that can prevent reseeding:
* Bark chips are weed-free and long-lasting. They are moderately good at smothering small weeds.
* Grass clippings are usually weed-free and high in nitrogen. Thick layers are very good at smothering weed seedlings.
* Hulls and shells are weed-free and fairly rich in nutrients. They are best for smothering weed seedlings or keeping weeds out of weed-free areas.
* Pine needles are weed-free and long-lasting. They are moderately good at smothering weed.
* Straw are weed-free and replenish annually. They are very good at smothering weeds and holding moisture.
* Wood chips are weed-free and moderately long-lasting. They are good at smothering weeds.
* Lay a black plastic over the soil to prevent annual and perennial weeds from establishing and reseeding. The plastic will help block the weed seeds in establishing on the soil which will enhance germination and reseeding process.
* Apply pre-emergent herbicides. When you apply herbicides before they reseed, chances are they will not reseed. Using corn gluten has been known to be very advantageous before the weeds establish themselves on your planting bed.
* Apply weed killers made from organic materials as well as chemical compounds. Killing weeds will prevent further reseeding.
* Remove weeds by hand weeding or using tools such as hoes, Rototillers, and flame weeders. Cut the source using knife, weed cutter, or weed whacker.
* Avoid disturbing soil as much as possible to keep the seeds dormant to prevent germination and reseeding. Experienced gardeners avoid tilling which sometimes encourage weeds to germinate and reseed. If tilling cannot be avoided, do it as shallowly as possible to lessen the soil disturbance.
* Mow some weeds like grass. Mow crabgrass without disturbing the roots and rhizomes to prevent reseeding.
* After mowing your lawn that may have weeds that have seeds, quickly rake and bag the clippings and throw them away.

Types of Weeds

These techniques can be used for a wide range of weeds.

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