White Orchids Description


White orchids are some of the most popular types of orchids in the world. They normally bloom in tropical climates but have become more common as household plants in less temperate areas of the world.


Gardeners often call white orchids "moth orchids" because they resemble the shape of moths or butterflies.


With several subspecies, this type is one of the most well known of white orchids. Its fragrant, large flowers bloom with a light yellow tinge.


Found in most places in the world, this orchid blooms smaller flowers than the cattleya. The flowers grow in clusters, with each branch having up to 20 blooms.


The phalaenopsis blooms flowers on a single stalk and is considered the easiest of the orchid family to grow and maintain. The flowers are either all white or have a small amount of other colors, depending on the hybrid or subspecies.


This orchid has the least number of flowers of all white orchids. Small to medium-size flowers usually have spots or strips of other color.


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