Why Spray Fruit Trees


The reason for spraying fruit trees with pesticides is to protect them from insects and disease. Pesticides are applied during the growing season. It is important for the gardener to respect the toxic nature of pesticides and to use caution when applying them.


You have the choice of two types of sprayers. You can use an attachable hose sprayer or a hand-held tank sprayer.

Protective Gear

Most pesticides are extremely toxic, be sure to read the manufacturer's warnings when using them. Protect yourself by wearing goggles, gloves and a respirator.

Pros and Cons

Precise measurement can be obtained with the hand-held tank sprayer. It is difficult to precisely mix and measure the application with an attachable hose sprayer due to variations in water pressure.


Pesticides should be applied so that they coat the surfaces of the tree; they should not be applied so that the pesticide drips off the tree. Follow the manufacturer's directions.

Cleaning Gear

The sprayer should be thoroughly cleaned by running water through the sprayer and then wash it with soap and water to remove the pesticide completely. All protective gear should also be washed. Clothing should be washed in hot water. Do not wash them with any other clothing.


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