The Best Place to Plant a Red Knockout Rose Bush

The knockout rose bush is a versatile rose bush that can be planted in a well-drained location with good air circulation, a source of moisture and at least 6 hours of full sun each day. The knockout rose is available in double blooming, pink and yellow varieties. It grows up to 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. It is semi-evergreen in most parts of the US and is suitable for USDA horticultural zones 5 and warmer.


The Knockout Rose works well in a large container planted anywhere there is sufficient sunlight and moisture. The Knockout Rose planted in a container needs to be located near a source of water because container plants dry out quickly and although the Knockout Rose is drought tolerant, it cannot go for a long period of time in a container with completely dry soil.


The Knockout Rose creates a low maintenance border for designating property lines are to separate one part of the lawn or garden from another. The plants do not need regular pruning and stay semi-evergreen during the winter.


The Knockout Rose bush is a good selection for a hedge. It can be sheared to shape several times during the growing season after each bloom period and will stay thick without becoming woody. Also, the blooms add a continuous source of color to the landscape.

Commercial Planting

Because the Knockout Rose is so versatile and drought resistant, it can be used extensively in commercial planting locations. Locations for commercial planting include parking lots and driveways that experience high heat levels during the summer. The Knockout Rose bush is also tolerant of pollution that occurs from passing automobiles. It recovers quickly from vandalism.

Specimen Planting

The knockout rose bush is a great selection to use as a specimen planting. A specimen plant is a plant planted by itself in an area where its unique beauty can be displayed. A Knockout Rose bush planted as a specimen plant can be enjoyed for its ongoing display of color during the growing season. It also looks nice where other plants with red foliage or flowers are planted around it with the knockout rose as the focal point to create a mass of one color which creates an impact in the garden.

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