Information on Transplanting Roses


Roses are enjoyed for their beauty and fragrance. They are grown on trellises and arbors, and they are arranged as focal points in country and urban gardens. Basic transplanting knowledge allows the gardener to easily move rose plants as their gardens expand and change.


Roses should be moved when they are in their dormant stage. There should be no risk of frost or freezing temperatures.


If you live in a warm climate/region the best time to transplant roses is in the fall. If you live in a colder climate/region then the best time to transplant roses will be in the spring.

Soil Conditions

Make sure that the new location has soil that is organically rich. Also, make sure that the soil drains well.


Dig a hole in the new location--15 inches deep and wide enough to fit the root ball. Put a mound of dirt in the center of the hole. Water the plant several days before transplanting.


Remove by digging 12 inches out from the center of the plant, and 15 inches down. Remove the plant, keeping the root ball intact.


Place the root ball in the prepared hole, fill halfway, and water thoroughly. After the water has drained, add the remaining soil and prune back.


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