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Nursery plants offer gardeners a vivid splash of spring color, a lingering array of summer hues and an assemblage of ever-present greenery. These plants are grown in controlled environments that condition them for indoor and outdoor planting and propagation. When purchased with a design plan in mind, they are able to create an on-going statement that reflects the gardener's imagination.


A variety of common and exotic plants can be purchased from plant nurseries. These plants are great starters for home or business landscapes. Popular plants include rhododendrons, hydrangeas and hostas. The exotic Chinese ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) is fast becoming a favorite nursery houseplant. .


Nursery plants are usually grown in a greenhouse. Modern greenhouses allow automated control of light, ventilation and temperature and semi-automated watering and feeding. Some also have fold-back roofs to allow "hardening-off" of plants to prepare them for transfer to outdoors.


Young nursery plants can be purchased inexpensively. Plants can also be bought in bulk at discount prices. Buying young plants and purchasing in bulk are investments that will pay off in upcoming years.


Flowering plants should be purchased at the bud stage to ensure a continuance of blooms after they are brought home. Plants bought from nurseries should also be examined for pests and disease before they are purchased.


Research nursery plants at home to get the most out of nursery shopping. Most nursery plants can be found online or in gardening catalogs. Knowing what you want to buy before you go to the store can save you time, money and energy. (Reference 3).


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