Entry Way Landscaping Ideas

A welcoming home begins before you get to the front door. Entryway landscaping can draw attention toward the front of the home while offering a welcoming view of the front door. Entranceway landscaping may begin along the walkway or it may be a small group of plants near the front door--and it can set your home apart from the others on the block.

Bright Welcome

Nothing says welcome like a large bouquet of brightly colored flowers. Try placing two pots on either side of the front door and fill with large, welcoming flowers such as tuberous begonias, geraniums or even tree roses. Tuberous begonias are a brilliant addition to a shaded area. Geraniums can take full sun and tree roses will take partial shade with morning sun. To fully optimize a showy bloom, choose a vibrant shade of red, orange or pink.

Scented Landscapes

Try creating a scented walkway toward the house. Let the aromatic journey begin at the walkway with chamomile and creeping thyme or similar compact, low-growing scented plants. Low-growing plants act as ground cover and will set the stage for taller fragrance plants such as lavender, heliotrope, jasmine and lemon balm, which can be planted at the base of the stairs or near the front porch. In addition there are vine plants such as wild honeysuckle and various rose cultivars, which can be trained to crawl up trellises, lattice work or porch railings.

Shrubs and Trees for a Birds' Eye View

Shrubs and trees are the traditional plants to line driveways, walkways and entrance areas. However, try choosing flowering shrubs and trees that attract birds. The Helpful Gardener, a gardening resource, notes several small trees and shrubs that can be planted along walkways or at the entrance of a home to add aesthetic appeal as well as attract birds. These include mountain ash, flowering dogwood and juniper. In addition, several plants can be used as accents, such as rudbeckia, cosmos and zinnias. In large spaces, add a birdbath or birdhouse.

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