How to Create Floral Arrangements


We have all bought or received a floral arrangement and been in awe at the colors, proportion and balance of the flowers. Creating your own floral arrangements, whether for decorating your home, a wedding or other occasions, can be cost effective and allows your creativity to flow. Some basic flower arranging techniques will result in a floral arrangement that earns you many compliments.

Step 1

Begin by choosing flowers that complement each other. Choose complementary-colored flowers, mixing darker and lighter shades of the same color. Keeping in the same color family while mixing shades of that color creates a very dramatic look.

Step 2

Choose a container for your arrangement that will add contrast and character while complementing the types of flowers you use. Consider various containers, not just a regular vase, to hold your arrangement. A jar, an old coffee tin, a fishbowl or a paper take-out box can all work. When using something other than a regular vase, be sure to line the inside with a waterproof container so as not to ruin it.

Step 3

Use floral foam, clay or tape to help keep the flowers in place. Floral foam can be soaked in water to hold real flowers and keep them fresher longer, and it works well for securing silk flowers inside the container. Floral tape can be used to create a grid across the opening of the container so the flowers stay in place and are held upright. Clay can be put in the bottom of a container and used for inserting the stems of artificial flowers into.

Step 4

Arrange the flowers in the container to create balance and proportion. For arrangements that will sit in the middle of a table, put the tallest flowers in the middle of the arrangement with the shorter ones around the edges to create a full, dramatic appearance. If the arrangement will be placed against a wall, the taller flowers should be placed at the rear of the arrangement with descending length down to the shortest flowers in front. Consider the container that you are using and balance the placement of the flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Flowers
  • Greenery
  • Floral foam
  • Craft moss


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