Equipment for Gardening

A set of well-built garden tools will keep you satisfied when working out in your garden. Enjoy planting flowers inside your garden beds or adding spring bulbs with your garden tools. Having the essential tools is key to creating a successful garden and one that keeps coming back each year. Whether you have a small space or large garden, make the investment in a good quality tool that last you a long time.


Spades are the ideal gardening tool for digging up small plants and removing and adding soil from flowerbeds. Spades come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, for a variety of different uses. Use the spade for cutting up turf to plant a row of your favorite flowers or for spreading a layer of mulch over a freshly-planted bush. Spades are also ideal to use when planting flowers inside your planters or flowerpots, because of their curved head and small shape.


With their flexible rubber design, hoses are the easiest way to deliver water around your garden and are key to proper cultivation of plants and flowers. Hoses are simple to store and can easily be rolled away when not in use. Soaker hoses, another type of hose, can be nestled inside the soil and around your plants to slowly release water into the ground. Buy a hose long enough to reach all of the garden and lawn area. An accessory to go with your hose is a nozzle. Nozzles help to regulate water flow, which can reduce the cost of your water bill. The nozzles can also range from a gentle spray to powerful shoots of water. Use the hose to clean off your gardening tools.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are one of the most useful gardening tools to own. There are many different sized shears with varying handle widths making them ideal for first time gardeners or experienced green thumbs. Their sharp blade can handle thicker branches from a young tree or larger bush, as well as small flowers and plants. Pruning shears also don't take up a lot of space and can easily be stored away in your garden shed or garage.


Whether you are raking up leaves in the fall or smoothing out a garden bed, rakes are a garden tool essential. Use the rake for removing small twigs and debris from your front yard or for tilling a small patch of dirt. Rakes are available with different types of heads to be used for heavy-duty usage or just a simple leaf rake. Level-head rakes, which are less flexible than a normal bow rake, are ideal to smooth out a rocky or clay surface. They have the ability to chop small pieces of dirt into the soil as well as mixing the soils together when building a garden.

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