Front Yard Planter Gardening Ideas

Bring beauty to the front yard using planters filled with colorful flowers and green foliage. Layer the plants inside the container to create a sophisticated and well-balanced design. Like a gardener's canvas, a planter is an empty space to be anything you wish to plant and watch grow. It is a way to inspire you and those who admire your front yard.


Tuck your favorite perennial flowers inside the planter for a long-lasting and vibrant planter design. The perennial flowers will begin their show in the summer for a playful front yard planter. Plant the ever-vibrant and cheerful yellow gerbera daisy. Their bright and stunning "faces" will add a burst of color and contrast to the planter. Mix in small purple violets to the front of the container and in between the larger flowers. Use a few clumps of draping lantana to the sides of the container to billow up and over the planter. The ever-fragrant mint plant looks especially lovely nestled around the blooms and adds a sweet scent and bright green accent to the space. Over time, these hardy perennials will grow fuller and taller creating a beautiful addition to your front yard space.


Fill planters with your favorite vegetable crops to use in summer salads and dishes. You don't need a lot of space to harvest your own delicious vegetables and the planter provides the perfect space for doing so. Add patty pan squash vines to your front yard planter to fill up the container with their large green and vibrant leaves. When the small yellow squash begin growing, the bursts of yellow light up the space. Add a crop of cherry tomatoes to drape over the planter and into your front yard space. When summer is in full bloom, the vines will be heavy with fruit and ready to go into your favorite summer salads.


Add ornamental grasses to the planter for their texture and light design. Place the planters along a front yard garden gate or walkway for a focal point to the space. Use a blue oat grass to grow up and over the planter for a tall and commanding look. Ribbon grass, with their gorgeous billowing shape, will add an unexpected addition to the space, and is an ideal ornamental grass for your planter. Fountain grasses with their purple tinged foliage calls attention to any space and lights up a front yard planter nicely. Don't forget the electric blue fescue grass to capture any gardener's heart and add a burst of color to the planter.

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