The Best Garden & Lawn Tractors

Modern technology makes it possible for anyone to create spectacular landscaping scenarios. Gone are the days of pushing a simple mower deck around the yard. Today's tractors ride you around in comfort while doing all the work. On top of their cutting abilities, the best lawn and garden tractors also come with extra attachments to get down and dirty and make your home a showplace.

John Deere

John Deere is a trusted name in tractors of all sizes. Their residential tractor selections include powerful alternatives to home landscaping needs. John Deere has three strong garden tractors depending on your need for horsepower and size of deck. There are two sizes of zero radius mowers for small lots or spaces with tight turns. John Deere residential tractors have a large assortment of accessories to make moving, hauling, or ground management easier. The company makes strong heavy-duty landscaping tractors for small acreage that also have backhoes and front loaders. Many models come with three-point hitches to allow extra devices to run from the rear. Service and support are always available from your John Deere dealer and they offer extensive warranties on their products.


Kubota's signature orange color is quickly becoming as recognizable as John Deere green. The powerhouse Kubotas come in all sizes from huge agricultural models to scaled down, but just as powerful for their size, residential utility and garden tractors. The residential sized models have a variety of horsepower strengths, and cutting radius sizes. Kubota also makes a versatile zero radius mower in both diesel and gas models with several deck sizes. Kubota's landscaping mower and utility tractor attachments include all of the standard appliances: post hole diggers, backhoes, front loaders, along with a three-point hitch that is compatible with most major brand attachments for extra versatility.

Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet is a well-known name in lawn and garden tractors. They have an extensive selection of deck sizes and horsepower to choose from at great prices that almost anyone can afford. There are plenty of attachments for your Cub Cadet tractor including carts, snow blowers, shovels, backhoes, chippers and even grass catchers.


Toro has a variety of deck sizes from 42 to 46 inches for small to medium lots. The compact framework makes it easy to maneuver in small areas. For lots with man tight spaces and turns Toro makes a strong zero radius mower with decks ranging between 42 and 60 inches. For larger acreage, Toro has a 50-inch blade that cuts a large swath and makes lawn maintenance a breeze. All Toro lawn and garden tractor models, except zero radius models, can make use of the attachments for landscaping small areas. Attachments include snow blowers, tillers and carts.

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