Basic Country Landscaping Ideas

Creating a traditional country garden is a relatively easy task, as the country garden at its most basic level lacks structure that formal gardens require. This lack of structure is what is thought to bring charm to the country garden and adds a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space. Traditional country gardens include a collection of similar plants such as day lilies, nasturtium, hollyhocks, delphiniums and sweet peas.


Choose the location within your landscape where you want to create your Take into account the amount of sun and shade that area receives; however, basic country landscaping doesn't take a lot of care or preparation. Section off the area and begin basic preparation, loosening the top soil by hand or with a rototiller to prepare the area for the plants.

Plant Selection

Designing the plant map, with the larger plants around the edges, placing complementary colors together. The basic country landscape's charm is that it doesn't appear planned. Plant the plants in random order, keeping in mind their height and depth at mature age. Typically, daylilies, nasturtium, hollyhocks, delphiniums and sweet peas grow well together and add beauty to each other as they mature. The daylilies are the only plant that will be in bulb form; plant those toward the edges of your country landscape.


Visit the home improvement store for items that will add a country feel to your landscaping. Old iron water wells, garden utensils, barrels or other items that give an old-style feel can lend a pleasing "country" look. In addition, an arbor with climbing roses can be used as an entrance to your country garden.

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