Pergola Decorating Ideas

Create an outdoor living area using your pergola. Arm it with colorful flowers and plants for added color and vibrancy. Romantic touches like hanging paper lanterns and tea lights scattered around the table add to the ambiance of the space. Use the pergola as your dining space in the warm summer months and for entertaining friends. Plant an herb pot for using in your favorite meals while adding a burst of fragrance to the space. Your new pergola space is now your own private sanctuary.

Colorful Vines

Add creeping vines to the pergola to create a lush and shaded design. Plant flowering vines like creeping hydrangea and jasmine for a vibrant and colorful design. Wisteria, with its billowing purple blooms looks especially lovely growing over a pergola. At the base of each post, plant the vine to grow up and around the structure. Let the vine grow up towards the light and weave around the pergola for an interesting design. Another vibrant vine is the grapevine. With its vigorous and hardy ability to attach to any surface, the pergola will be shaded in no time. Add a set of decorative lights mixed within the vine for a warm and magical glow at night.


Add pots and containers filled with annuals and perennials under the pergola. Use large pots to hold boxwood topiaries and dwarf cedars. Flank either side of the pergola entryway with matching pots. Perennials, which come back fuller and strong every year, can be grown in pots and placed under the tree for a long-lasting design. Use the ever-hardy coneflower to add color to the pergola. Its purple blooms will light up the space and add bursts of color. Plant annuals like pansies and ornamental cabbage together in one pot for seasonal arrangements. Don't forget to create your own focal point around the perimeter of the space using an ornamental grass or dwarf Japanese maple. Situate these just along the side of the shady pergola for an inviting addition to the space.


Create your own patio under the pergola to use for outdoor living. Use a set of patio chairs and outdoor table for evening meals during the warmer months. Add a bench along one side of the pergola to use for enjoying a nice cup of tea in the afternoon or morning paper. Use accessories like pillows to add color and comfort to the patio space. Put up a bird feeder along the pergola to attract your favorite songbirds to the space. Don't' forget to add a few accent tables to use for small plants or for resting your evening glass of wine. Enjoy being under a cozy and inviting pergola patio.

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