Carnivorous Plant Gifts

Carnivorous plants are exceedingly rare in the wild, but you can grow them at home. If you want to give carnivorous plant gifts, keep in mind the care the gift receiver is going to give the plants. For someone new to growing and maintaining carnivorous plants, there are starter kits with their own mini terrariums. If you want to give more sophisticated carnivorous plant gift, such as a rare or tropical variety, make sure the person receiving the gift has a properly-set-up terrarium to care for the plant.

Carnivorous Plant Starter Kits

These carnivorous plant starter kits are great for those who want to get their feet wet with carnivorous plants, plus you can find them all in one place-- Nature Gift Store (see Resources). There sell different Venus fly trap kits, including a Desk Cube, Kids Greenhouse and Bulb Kit. All but the Venus Flytrap Bulb Kit comes with its own mini terrarium. They also sell a Creepy Carnivorous Plants Kit, which will grow over 10 types of carnivorous plants including the Venus Fly Trap, Sundew plant, Hooded Pitcher plant and Purple Pitcher plant.

Carnivorous Plant Sampler Kits

These carnivorous plant gifts are good for anyone starting their own terrarium who needs to fill it with interesting carnivorous plants. California Carnivores has a great selection from the Mexican Butterwort Sampler--with two common butterworts and two rare butterworts--to the Cape Sundew Collection. with four different types of sundews. They also have a Highland Nepenthes Collection, which comes with three plants.

Exotic or Rare Carnivorous Plant Gifts

These are for the highly-skilled carnivorous plant gardeners with their own terrariums, who want to add to their collection. The Cobra plant, from California Carnivores, is rare and difficult to grow. California Carnivores also has the much-sought-after Australian Pitcher plant, which is many carnivorous plant lovers' dream. These pitcher plants grow in clusters and turn red in the sun.

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