How to Make a Rose Wrist Corsage


A traditional way to spruce up your ensemble is to adorn a corsage on your wrist. This mini-bouquet has been making waves in the recent past, with many women preferring to wear them for almost every occasion. Although they can be made with any type of flowers, roses are classics favored by everyone, because they are available in many colors and can be chosen to suit your dress or the theme of the occasion. You can easily make one yourself at less than half the price of one bought from a florist.

Step 1

Select two open rose blooms to complement your dress, or use a neutral color such as white or light yellow. Also purchase five small rosebuds in the same color, or in different colors for a brighter corsage. Your corsage will also need some greenery such as baby's breath or leaves to act as fillers and provide a background so the roses can stand out.

Step 2

Hold both the rose blooms in your hand and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the stems to a length of 2 inches. Make sure the cuts are straight, not jagged.

Step 3

Hold the stems of the rose blooms so they overlap each other and the roses face opposite directions. Wind a length of floral tape over the joint so they are secure. Place one or two rosebuds between the rose blooms so the stems are not visible, and secure them with tape. Place the other buds around the middle ones so they give the arrangement a fuller look.

Step 4

Add the foliage behind the flowers or on any two sides to frame the mini-bouquet, give it structure and a fuller look and provide contrasting color. Hold the arrangement firmly and attach the stems of the foliage to the rose stems with tape. Make sure they are secure.

Step 5

Select decorative wire, wide ribbon or an elastic band so you can attach the flowers to them and place it around your wrist. Place an elastic band around your wrist for the exact measurement, adding ½-inch overlap. Cut the end with a sharp pair of scissors. Sew both of the short ends together with a needle and matching thread.

Step 6

Place the flower arrangement over the band so it is not visible anymore, and stitch it into place by looping thread from a needle over the stems or tape. Check to make sure it is secure; otherwise reinforce each stitch with another stitch over it. Insert your corsage over your wrist. If using ribbon, use at least 10 to 12 inches, since you will knot the ends in a bow under your wrist.

Things You'll Need

  • Rose blooms, two
  • Rosebuds, five
  • Baby's breath or leaves
  • Harp scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Elastic band, decorative wire or wide ribbon
  • Needle
  • Matching thread


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