How To Dry Flower Seeds


Drying flower seeds is ideal for those who want to use them the following growing season for more productive growth. It is easy to harvest seeds from beans, basil, sunflowers, snapdragons, squash and marigolds, but more difficult with asylum, roses and berries. Choose your best fully matured flowers for harvesting seeds.

Step 1

Harvest flower seeds on a completely dry day. If possible, do this after a day that was also dry and sunny.

Step 2

Wash the seeds thoroughly. Pick a spot that is kept at room temperature, with no drafts. Spread the seeds on a paper towel, making sure they are not layered or overlapping.

Step 3

Leave your flower seeds on the paper towel for at least a week. Keep them out of any humid or moist areas or they will rot.

Step 4

Put the seeds and seed pods into a sieve once they are completely dry. Carefully shake them through and push through the screens to separate seeds from any pods or other debris. Shake the sieve over a bowl that has a paper towel in the bottom to catch the seeds.

Step 5

Label paper envelopes with the different flower seed varieties in order to keep them organized. Add the specific seeds to each envelope. Put the envelope in a jar with a tight lid, or a plastic bag sealed shut. When labeling the storage container, write the name of the seed, the date harvested, where it came from and care instructions.

Step 6

Add a desiccant into the sealed container--not within the envelope--if desired. A desiccant is something to absorb extra moisture. An ideal desiccant is a little packet of silica gel, such as those included in the package with new electronics or leather. You can also make your own by wrapping a spoon full of dry milk powder in a paper towel. Place something such as this into the jar, not touching the seeds.

Step 7

Store the containers in a dry, room-temperature area. Do not store them in a place such as the garage where rodents can get at them, or in a storage shed where temperatures can fluctuate greatly.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not to crush, damage, freeze or overheat the seeds while in storage.

Things You'll Need

  • Flower seeds
  • Paper towels or towel
  • Paper envelopes or other container
  • Pen
  • Airtight storage container


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